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Can not be done immediately after exercise

Time:2014-10-14 12:32 人氣:
Many people have the habit of early morning exercises, but experts advise, can not do five things after exercise.

, when strenuous exercise blood more concentrated in the limb muscles. Because limb muscle contraction force, will make a lot of venous reflux quickly to the heart, the heart and then to the systemic arterial nutritious blood circulation fast. If strenuous exercise came to an end stopped to rest, a lot of blood in the body will be set in the vein of silt, the heart will ischemia. It will be due
the brain and cardiac insufficiency dizziness, nausea, vomiting, shock and other symptoms of hypoxia.

When strenuous exercise should be done immediately after the relaxation adjustment activities. Such as gradually changed after the marathon jogging, walk a few steps, rubbed his legs, do a few deep breaths. This enables rapid blood circulation slowly stabilized conducive to the removal of lactic acid in the muscles, reduce fatigue.

2, should not immediately drink lots of water.
If a lot of water due to excessive thirst-time, will reduce the salt content in the blood after strenuous exercise. Days Rehan much easier to lose salt, make it easier for cell osmotic pressure decreased, resulting in sodium metabolism imbalance, muscle cramps and other phenomena occur. Gastrointestinal blood due to strenuous exercise less, function is poor, water absorption capacity is weak. Excessive penetration of water into the intercellular and interstitial cells

Brain tissue was fixed in the hard skull, brain cell swelling can cause cerebral blood pressure, people headaches, vomiting, drowsiness, blurred vision, and slow rhythm of water intoxication symptoms. Disposable drink too much, there will be uncomfortable gastrointestinal fullness feeling, if lie down and rest will affect the lungs due to compression of the diaphragm. So although thirsty mouth after strenuous exercise should not be a one-time drinking too much, should be used "several times to drink less" approach to drink water.

3, should not immediately cold baths, swimming, hair or air conditioning.
Some momentary gratification, strenuous exercise came to an end immediately with fans blowing into the air-conditioned room or cool air in a cool place. This will take away a lot of body heat, skin temperature drops too quickly, reflecting activity through the nervous system, causing vasoconstriction upper respiratory tract, nasal ciliary beat slows down, reduce local resistance forces, this time in the respiratory tract of parasitic bacteria and viruses on will multiply, can easily lead to colds, flu, bronchitis and other diseases. Others immediately after strenuous exercise or swim cold bath immediately, due to the limb temperature and water temperature difference between the poor, but also prone to leg cramps

So after strenuous exercise should be wiped sweat, sweat, etc. are no longer out of time, and then swim or cold bath is more appropriate.

4, should not immediately drink beer.
After strenuous exercise, some people drink beer when the water gulps it easy to make a sharp increase in uric acid in the blood leads to

5, should not immediately eat.
When strenuous exercise, the blood more concentrated in the limb muscles and respiratory system, etc., while relatively small digestive organs, blood, poor digestion and absorption capacity, after a period of time after exercise need to be adjusted in order to gradually return to normal digestive function. So, after strenuous exercise, if you'll be eating, generally do not eat incense, and the ability to attract food nutrition is poor



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