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Strengthen four sexy parts to build sportsman training metho

Time:2014-10-14 12:21 人氣:

1, stout arm

Contact with strangers, the first thing a woman will notice you are wearing the ring finger, then it is natural to look to join the upper arm. Majestic arm or elbow loose meat, 0.1 seconds can tell people not come. For this first impression is a good way to think about it.

Intensive training - Hand runners ran in the United States out of a fitness expert design exercise. Locations is very flexible, you can lie on the grass, on the beach, or were on the mat, in bed before going to sleep at night is no problem. Supine body, arms straight up, activities fingers, wrist swinging elbow, extending the arms, so that all the activities of the joint arm can open. Analog pedal bike events, but to intentionally arm force, do two minutes each; or fake like the air has a sandbag, fists pounding each fists under 100; may also take a soft rubber ball trying to throw the air, firmly caught when falling. After three weeks, you will find that the arm muscles begin to tighten up.

2, strong legs

Women like men strong shapely legs, ready to stomp Jumping in when you play beach volleyball; buildup while playing Frisbee moment; wearing shorts or cycling in the sun ...... leg and ankle is a difference of about 15 cm standard proportioned. Often Duanlian man is definitely not a straight leg, and mast-like legs are fat deposition phenomenon.

Intensive training - water, water jogging jogging for the lower body bloated are very fit. Because the density of water and heat resistance than air, so the water jogging consumes more energy than on land. Tests showed that the water stays at 12 ℃ calories consumed four minutes, the equivalent of one hour exercise on land at the same temperature. So you can get a good belly and legs Duanlian through water resistance, think thin people can try water jogging to a multiplier experience.

3, full hips

Woman for the man's buttocks are particularly concerned about a moderately successful, strong and powerful woman of God upturned buttocks hearts. Do not you want your hips look to overcome Earth's gravity, has a beautiful line, moderate too fat little ass it?

Intensive training - at the time when the abdomen wash brush our teeth - brushing feet close together, shoulders straighten, hip contraction force; mouthwash, hips relaxed. Repeat these two movements, can make the lines more fluid hips and thighs. In the shower to relax - sitting in the tub, the legs straight; bent and one leg, force the body to bend forward, maintain 10 seconds, his legs turn this action, to tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

4, firming of the abdomen


Women do not dislike you that little beer belly. But if the meat into a small circle of tires, is another matter. Do not become a new kind of belly thighs thin Spider-Man. Of course, six or eight pack abs, for a woman, is always the temptation.

Intensive training - exercise to do at any time hold hands elbows, legs side by side, so you can mobilize the abdominal muscles. A small elevator, walk upstairs, this is not to say. A little cushion when standing toe, making the body in a relatively tight state.

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